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Our Story

Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant's Humble Beginnings...

Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant's story started in the 1930's as a grocery store.

Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant serves a 99¢ cup of coffee and is one of the oldest established businesses in Berlin, Ohio.

Many locals equate the Boyd & Wurthmann restaurant with the Berlin they once knew: a small, one-horse town. The restaurant was a gathering place for locals to catch up on the latest news over a cup of coffee, discuss business deals while trying the daily special or just stop by for one of Bryl Wurthmann's famous homemade pies. The locals have always used the round table in the corner for a rotating gathering spot. Since its beginnings, Boyd and Wurthmann has continued to draw crowds of both locals and visitors with the promise of not only mouth-watering pie, but also a fascinating history.

The restaurant began as a grocery market, known as Hummel's Market, in 1938 and was run for 7 years by Paul & Mary Hummel. It was then owned and operated by Herman Wurthmann and Dale Boyd for 40 years and soon became know as Boyd and Wurthmann. In the 40's, they put a counter in to seat people and began serving sandwiches as well as groceries. The original, green counter built in the 40's with seating for 9 is still a local favorite and in use today at our establishment. In the 50's, the demand for more restaurant services increased so they separated the market from the restaurant and began to serve breakfast and lunch. Their specialty was homemade pie and good Amish style cooking. For nearly 40 years, Byrl Wurthmann would come in early and bake fresh all the pies that were served each day. Currently you can expect 15-20 different pies to choose from depending on what fruit is in season.

The restaurant soon became the place locals would gather for good food and a chance to catch up with everyone on the local news. In the 80's, the combination of good food & the hometown atmosphere began to draw tourists to the restaurant. They began to expand the seating area; today we have a counter, 22 tables, 5 booths, and 1 round table which is the local spot. The restaurant went through various owners until it was purchased by the Dennis Mullet Family in 2004.

Today we, at Boyd and Wurthmann Restaurant are blessed to have the opportunity to serve many of the 4 million tourists that travel through Holmes County every year. Our Amish cooks do a great job of making home-style specials daily, plus a large variety of homemade pies. We, as the Mullet family are committed to bringing our customers the best of home cooking and a pleasant dining experience.